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Junkyard México Digital Solutions for your Business
Production Center and Web Analysis
We are a company specialized in digital solutions, within our services is the custom development or customized platforms
Web Platform

The ideas of your project developed with the best technologies for Web and intranet, made under procedures, structuring of databases and information architectures.

Mobile Platform

Adapting to technological changes is already a need, we adapt your systems and Web pages for mobile devices. From the development of applications, to upgrading your sites to be responsive.


Your applications or systems free of errors, we support, update, modify and maintain your website or application for proper operation.

Why Us?

We have more than 15 years developing solutions for our clients, and each of them has been satisfied with the results of their projects.

+ 15 years of experience

Quality in the results

Real delivery time

Communication 24/7

Choose the service you need and we will make it real
Web Development

We analyze, plan and develop the projects starting from an idea and build them on a unique product to fit all your needs. Custom Web Development and CMS (Content Management System) for the administration of your Web site, systems such as virtual stores, online collections, catalog management, webservices and more.

Mobile Applications

We support you to integrate the large market of mobile applications and responsive websites. Starting from the UX and UI to the implementation of your website or your mobile application, we take your ideas and the needs you have to offer something better to your customers to the latest generation platforms and devices integrating design and functionality.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your products and services should be known, with a good structure and planning of SEO we help you to be positioned in the first places of the search engines, we implement and improve your codes so together with the correct strategies and follow-ups through metrics and analysis they find you easily.


Our experience in UX allows us not only to create functional sites and applications, also strategically well balanced and designed, our digital designs will allow the user to navigate in an intuitive and natural way, to use the developed systems more easily and to give access to the specific contents you want.

Servicios Adicionales

Saxotech systems offer a full range of digital solutions for the information media sector offered by Newscycle Solutions, which are products developed for handling editorial contents that we fully know. Besides providing structural support, programming services and maintenance, we use different platforms to provide tracking and order to the development work.

Social Networks

We take your needs and make them work on your website integrating them and squeezing all the advantages of social networks. We develop applications and solutions to interact with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., as well as we help you to distribute all this information and have a greater reach among users sharing your content.

Wordpress and Wordpress VIP from scratch
Wordpress Website Creation

Being Wordpress and Wordpress VIP one of the most used and most successful platforms to manage your website, we assit you by creating your site from scratch respecting the code standards. We develop tailored plugins to dynamically create new modules and content, and we offer you the possibility to migrate the contents of your current system and integrate it into this platform.

We save your Wordpress project
Wordpress Website Maintenance

Forget about the tasks that Wordpress requires to keep it always up to date, we support you to make the databases backups, themes updates, maintenance in the plugins, etc. We keep the version of your Wordpress up to date even if it is already very old.

E-Commerce Platforms
We create, develop and improve your e-commerce platforms.

Our goal is to help you improve your sales by improving your processes. Either developing your own e-commerce store, installing your platforms from scratch or maintaining and improving the functionalities you already have.

  • Custom development
  • Shopify
  • Woo Commerce
  • Magento
  • Drupal
Step by Step
With our goals, we have managed to improve our processes and services day by day so that your times not only become a far target, but also a goal acomplished.
01. AnalysisThe first big step is analyze the information we have with the needs, and besides other plannings, times and methods of development are established.
We see for your needs

Meet with the client is a requirement to determine the needs of his project and the goals we want to reach.

02. DevelopmentDesign and programming, from the beginning we contemplate what your project needs to have a good SEO and obtain the results we are looking for without lose scalability.
Quality over quantity

We advise you so that your project includes only what you need.

03. QABefore release your project we made our own user tests internally to be sure that the product is stable and is according of what you need.
Error free

We think and develop as users, creating stable and functional web and mobile applications.

04. ImplementationThe final stage of our process concludes in the release of the project, making it available to users.
Support all time

Either in your accounts or ours, we help you to make your project available to the end users.

Our Team
They are the reason of all the successful projects
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